Winter Hibernation Service

This is our winter shut-down service, to prepare your spa for the months it will not be used. The hot tub is then left to hibernate for the winter. You can fill it whenever you want

Also consider this option prior to renting out your property to ensure your Hot Tub is kept secure and clean.

  • Biofilm Eliminator added to water on arrival, along with shock dose. (After a long period of heavy use, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that will sit in the pipework unnoticed (the parts you don’t see). This product helps to clean inside the pipework)
  • Filters are put into soak in cleaning solution then left to dry in dry storage.
  • Older filters may need to be replaced and are available at an additional cost.
  • Empty, clean, rinse down and vacuum out the spa.
  • Drain water from components.
  • We remove the inspection panel and drain all water from components, pipework, and most importantly the heater.
  • Shrink wrap the top of the spa. (This helps to keep rainwater out.)
  • Clean the cover and replace.
  • Leave isolator switch in off position.


Prior to us attending site

Please ensure that your hot tub is full prior to our attendance. We need the hot tub full as we will chemically treat this water to flush through the pipework. We will then drain that water ready for us to refill with fresh. We will require access to normal plug-in power to allow us to operate our tooling We will need access to the main power switch for the hot tub; this is normally known as the RCD and is not the isolation switch located outside. We will need access to a water supply to use for filling the spa; we also request that a hose pipe is available. 

Conditions for services

The labour allocation for any service will be one technician. In the event that two should arrive on site, you will only be charged as quoted. The inclusive price of any service is to undertake the listed actions as stated by service. The standard allotted time for this any service is up to 3 hours. Any significant time needed over this time may be charged for. For this reason, we ask that you inform us of any potential issues that you may feel we could benefit from knowing, such as restricted space, gazebo surrounds or difficult location. This information will allow us to provide you with a more detailed quotation for any non-standard works that may be required. We will where possible remove and clean each jet internal, due to materials deteriorating over time some jets may either be, non-removable or removal of them may cause damage. We will always do our best to avoid this and will highlight this to you; however, jet internals that need replacing due to deterioration will be chargeable.